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Tuesday's Tackling Tasks: When I'm Not Inspired

Tuesday's Tackling Tasks
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Hi friends,
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a scheduling queen. Calendar organization, time blocking, and new projects give me life and provide inspiration. However, I am not always my inspired self.
There are some days where I am lazy and just want to watch movies. When I am inspired, I tend to overwork and when I am lazy, I just do the bare minimum.
Can you relate to that cyclical feeling? If so, it’s absolutely normal. In fact, if you’re a productivity machine 24/7, maybe I need advice from you.
The point is that I am actually working consistently but over a longer period of time. Instead of stopping what inspires me at the moment, I am intentional about how I spend my time. If I am feeling creative, I will come up with plans for this blog. If I am feeling studious, I will review my lecture notes.
Therefore, find a happy medium and organize your calendar based on what inspires you.
Have a great week!
— Rushvi

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Quote of the Week
We are actually powerfully influenced by our surroundings, our immediate context, and the personalities of those around us. — Malcolm Gladwell
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