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Tuesday's Tackling Tasks: Power Hour

Tuesday's Tackling Tasks
What I’ve Created For You This Week — Think Like Jeff Bezos: The Regret Minimization Framework
Hi friends,
A few months ago, I wrote an article about a useful decision-making tool called the Eisenhower matrix. Here’s the full article for more details on the system.
Recently, I have started something called Power Hour, which involves an hour in the morning to exclusively work on important, but not urgent, tasks. This is before checking any emails or notifications and right after making a cup of coffee.
Thus, in that hour, even if I have a deadline for a paper, I am not allowed to do anything that is urgent. I only work on stuff that is important but does not have a looming deadline.
This has been game changing because I am able to make progress on projects that I never seem to get to. And because the tasks that are urgent always get done anyway, nothing really falls through the cracks.
If you try the Power Hour this week, I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Have a great week!
— Rushvi

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Think positive and the rest will follow. — Unknown
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