Tuesday's Tackling Tasks: Keystone Habits



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Tuesday's Tackling Tasks
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Hi friends,
In the book Atomic Habits, James Clear writes about “keystone habits,” which are small choices that lead to a chain of other actions.
For example, when he and his wife get home from work, they immediately change into their gym clothes or sit on the sofa. Their evening changes based on this decision.
I have noticed a few keystone habits in my own life, and I have been working on pointing out more. After waking up, I make myself a coffee and listen to lectures. I either sit at my desk or snuggle up on the couch to watch lectures. If I go down the desk route, I get to work straight away. However, if I sit on my couch, I turn on some lofi study music and eventually end up watching YouTube.
Before reading Atomic Habits, I intuitively knew about this stuff, but giving it a name (keystone habits) helps draw our attention to it when we see it happening in our lives.
What are some keystone habits in your life? I’d be interested to hear from you!
Have a great week!
— Rushvi

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