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Tuesday's Tackling Tasks: Be Calm and Carry On

Tuesday's Tackling Tasks
What I’ve Created For You This Week — Study Break Series: Studying Is a Skill
Hi friends,
I didn’t get a chance to send my newsletter yesterday, so this week we’re doing Wednesday’s Tackling Tasks (even though it doesn’t sound as good)!
I just finished the first part of my national licensing exams yesterday! To say these past few weeks have been stressful is an understatement. This week, more than ever, I needed to find ways to be calm. There were two main strategies I aimed to implement during this time:
  1. Action-based. I scheduled every single hour for my study process the past two weeks. It sounds excessive, but I was able to go through every topic. This calmed me down because I did everything I possibly could to prepare for the exam. No regrets.
  2. Emotion-based. I recognized the stress was coming from within. In general, I was worried about the exam, so I used my Apple Watch to help me meditate for a minute or two. Even though sleep was a luxury this week, I tried to set aside a few days to get a full night of rest.
How do you find ways to be calm in times of stress?
Have a great week!
— Rushvi

Article of the Week
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App of the Week
‎TickTick:To-Do List and Calendar
Quote of the Week
Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. — Henry van Dyke
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